About Amanda

Thank you for taking the time to read about me and my gift of clairvoyancy.


My name is Amanda, I am a natural Clairvoyant Medium, as I have grown, my gift has grown with me. I have two fantastic children, this is another gift with which I have been blessed.   


I have been Reading for over 30 years, Although I am a natural Medium, it took the passing of my cousin to consider my gift more seriously, my cousin unfortunately passed over at the very young age of 21, yet through his guidance I was able to gain more insight and understanding of my gift, this has taken me on the spiritual path in life, the one I tread today.


Today, together with the spirit guidance of my cousin, I have another spirit guide, he is an American Indian who teaches and helps guide me in my quest to help others find the answers they are seeking; whether it is to contact a loved one who has passed over, or, just general questions about their life. ie:- work, family, past, present and future.


What makes me happy in the work I do? With the invention of the world wide web I have seen my client base increase dramatically, it gives me a great sense of achievement and happiness when I think of the many people I have helped around the world.

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