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I have been given a gift which I believe is for sharing, I therefore only charge for my time.     

Readings start from just £6.00 making this an incredible offer. All Readings are carried out by me personally and NOT computer generated. ( My Clairvoyant, psychic, readings and advice only available to persons aged 18 or over.) To order any of my services please visit the Payment page.


Readings via Email:-

Card reading, plus one question .........................    

Basic Reading, .................................................... 

Clairvoyant Reading including cards...................  

Personal visits to my home "one to one" ............30mins & 1 hour

Personal Telephone Readings .....(UK telephone landlines only).    

15 30 & 40 minute Telephone Reading ..... (UK telephone landlines only).

{Mobile Telephone Readings Email me for mobile rates} 


** Personal visits to your home"one to one"........   

** Consider holding a home Party price on application   

    depending on group size.


** Reiki healing 

** Reiki Distance Healing 

** ( only applies for people living in or around the Hastings and East sussex region UK)   

Negativity Cleansing

Dear Friends,   

Do you feel negativity in your home. Do you feel unsettled and can't work out why?   

Does your mood feel lighter when you leave, and heavy again when you walk in?   

Are people getting angry in your home?

If so I can help.

I do readings for so many others who feel the same way, this may   

not be because of you, but because of the negativity you have around you.   

So many people live like this, and can't understand why they feel unwell, tired, or unable to sleep. Does a room in your home feel colder then the rest? If so, I can do a house   

cleanse for you, this would take away the negativity, and your room or house will feel lighter.

In turn making you and your family feel better too.

Prices............. ** home visit £40.00.............Cleansing via the Internet..........£30.00

 ** Consider holding a home Party price on application   

My Readings

My Readings are indepth no matter which price range you choose, Readings from £15.00 include a Magical Unicorn Reading: These are Oracle cards, and read at the end of your session Reading. The unicorns are great spirit guides, gentle, caring and carry positive messages. You will be able to relate your Reading to your present and future life, and that of your spiritual path. These are lovely cards and I take great pleasure giving this Reading for people. Let me do the same for you.!


I endeavour to be VERY truthful in my Readings, sometimes you may learn something you do not wish to hear about, I can only give to you what I am given. I like any good Clairvoyant, DO NOT and WILL NOT predict death.   


If I do a Reading which includes the future, and a specific message, which may at the time mean nothing, I ask you to REMEMBER it, many clients have contacted me months later to tell me they now understand the message, and that I was correct in the Reading, after thanking me they usually return time and time again requesting me to Read for them.   


As above, when Reading I can only give that which I am given by the cards or spirit, a certain word, place, person or message may mean nothing to me may mean something to you, this is not uncommon.

Should, for whatever reason I can not Read for you, I will tell you, your money will be refunded (this rarely happens), you have nothing to lose, you never know you may gain through this experience .

How do you receive a Reading?

Send me your name, date of birth and a photograph of yourself, if you have one, a photograph helps me to connect with you (if you don't have one don't worry,). If you have a question, add this to your email.   

I do not hurry my Readings, each Reading has my undivided attention, ensuring it is personal to you, My goal is to be accurate. Every Reading is given with care and thought. Your Reading is personal and unique to you. After your Reading, I am happy to answer any questions you may have regarding your Reading. 

On receipt of payment I will contact you, then I will send you an email containing your detailed Reading, this will take approximately 1-3 days, of course this depends on how busy I am. Sometimes I Read at the weekend, however, I do like to recharge my batteries and spend time with my family.

Payments can be made via PayPal, please contact me regarding other methods.





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